Child Birth Chart Reading

450,00  Incl. VAT

This reading is for you and your child. Together we look into the Birth Chart of your child to explore strengths, qualities, but also weaknesses and tasks. This reading supports especially parents to better understand their child, to uncover possibilities and to accompany it on its own path in the best possible way. Likewise, the recording of the reading can later be passed on to the child to dive into his own Chart and the universe of wonder.

Each Astro Session includes:

  • a 50 minutes One-on-One Chart Analysis
  • Coaching on how to work with your Chart
  • a blueprint of your individual Chart
  • a video and audio recording for yours to keep

Each Astro Reading costs 450 EUR Readings are available in English & German. Once you purchase, we’ll get back to you via email with two appointment opportunities. Next free appointments are usually within 3 months. ***Please note, that these Astro Readings with Lori are very rare and are open up only for a short period of time.***

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Birth Chart Reading

BCR Reading & Audio – 349 EUR

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