Tarot Reading Online Course

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Learn to read the magical codes of Tarot!
Wow, Babes! I can’t say enough how grateful I am for my beloved Tarot Cards. I grew up with them (yes, my cards are already as old as I am) and they guided me not only through every big and hard decision, but only on a daily base everyday!
I pull my cards everyday at my morning ritual and if want some answers in between – the cards always have it for me.

This is the magic of Tarot. And the magic is not some woo woo talk, but your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind, your intuition connected with the greater wisdom that already lives within each and everyone of us.
The meaning of the cards will mean something different to you than to me. It will even mean something different to you in different situation, and that’s the thing: You will always connect the card’s meanings with your current situation, your feelings and experiences and the cards ALWAYS have the exact message for you to take further steps. I promise!

This Online-Course includes 10 magical Lessons of:
☽ The Wisdom and History of Tarot
☽ The Meaning of the Big & Small Arkana
☽ The 4 Elements and their Meaning in Tarot
☽ The Cycle & Journey of Tarot – The Message of all 78 Cards
☽ How to pull & read your Tarot cards
+ How to read the hidden secrets of the Cards

+ Tarot Reading Workbook
+ Forever Access to the Videos to re-watch and learn again
+ List of Books, Cards & Inspiration

☽ Online Course
☽ 11 recorded Lessons with infinite access
☽ Tarot Workbook

This Program is in GERMAN!
After the purchase you will receive the link and your password for our secret page with all the Modules and the E-Workbook already waiting for you!

Bring some sparkling magic into your life with connecting with the universe, the outer and your inner universe! Ask for answers and receive them to reflect and understand yourself, the situation you are in so much better and to make decisions out of faith and trust!
I am so excited to teach you everything you need to know about Tarot and to connect with you magical soul babe!

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