Wealth & Abundance Lakshmi Mala

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Your golden Lakshmi Mala for Wealth & Abundance.

Malas are sacred spiritual prayer beads to support you best on your journey of manifesting your individual visions. Every Mala is made out of 108 beads, with each you put your mantra and wish in while working with it.

And I am super excited to share this one of a kind golden Lakshmi Mala made out of high quality Citrine and Vintage Wood, that my beloved friend Sylvie Eder created for us! All Malas are handcrafted with love & magic at Sylvie Eder in Munich, Germany for you.

Citrine is the crystal of manifestation, pure joy of love and creation. The Vintage Wood beads support you in grounding and setting the base for all your visions to grow. Together they are a dream team and with the Mantra: Om Shrim Maha Laskhimyay Swaha you can chant for Prosperity, Wealth & Abundance. And let me tell you: It works!!! ??✨

So what can you use your Mala for?

– Chanting and working with your Mantra  and Vision
– Through meditation
– Working on your Manifestations, especially when it comes to money, love, fulfilment & prosperity
– Use it as a lucky charm by wearing it as a necklace

Details to this specific Mala:
– 108 Citrine & Vintage Wood Beads Ø 8 mm
– Elements of 925 gold-plated silver (as we manifest with the color of gold)
– Overall length of 90 cm
– handcrafted in Munich, Germany

Only very limited pieces available!
Every Mala comes with a Citrine and Lakshmi Print for your Altar!

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