Your Manifestation & Self Worth Bundle

19,00  Incl. VAT

Enjoy your Manifestation & Self Worth Bundle to manifest and create your most fulfilling life!

This Bundle includes a Vision Manifesting Meditation for your daily morning routine to not only manifest the day ahead, but to also connect every day already with your higher visions of your life.

Next to it you find you 50 Minutes Self Worth & Fulfilment Sleep Affirmation to listen to right after waking up or heading to sleep, as this is the time when it’s best to work with your subconscious mind to create changes in your life.

For best results listen to both of them every day and experience the change within and around!

This Bundle is in ENGLISH and will be sent to you right after your order, so that you can start immediately!
Because Babe, you are so worthy to be loved, to be happy and to live you most golden life!

I love you!
xx, Lori

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